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Specialty Pediatric Center (SPC) Construction Parking Changes

Beginning March 16, vehicles must enter the SPC parking garage on West Dodge Road just east of 84th Street and must exit onto 84th Street. Vehicles can only enter when heading east on West Dodge Road. Parking for handicapped-accessible vehicles and valet parking will be available. High-profile handicapped-accessible vehicles must enter the hospital’s circle-drive entrance on Dodge Street—one block south of West Dodge Road—where valet parking will be available.

Urgent Care Estimated Wait Times

For your convenience, we have listed the average wait time for each Children’s Urgent Care location. These wait times are an average time based on patient activity during the previous hour; they may not accurately reflect current wait times. Wait times may also vary depending on the severity of illnesses we are treating.

Research Opportunities

If you would like to be contacted about opportunities to participate in research studies that might be of interest to you and your child, please consider enrollment in the Nebraska Pediatric Research Registry: https://www.unmc.edu/nebraskapedsctu

Schedule Your Child's Flu Vaccination Today!

Most physicians' offices are taking appointments for flu vaccinations. Children's Physicians families can save time by using Children's Connect to schedule an appointment today.